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Today’s ash wednesday, and no, I’m not Catholic. But I do believe that this season can be a good time to prepare to celebrate Easter. Just like advent for Christmas. The last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about lent and if and what I should give up (because that’s what you do, right?). I decided that I spend way too much time on Facebook, so I deleted my account. It’s not that I think it’s sinful (it could be) or a TOTAL waste of time (again, it could be), but I spend way too much time on it. It is so easy to keep up “relationships” this way and I want to cut myself off from that. I like sharing pictures and cute little “updates”, but it’s too easy to send a facebook message about something serious than talk in person or even on the phone. And  yet I still seem to think it shows that person “how much I really care.” You know?

It seems, and maybe is, silly and fake.

So I’ve deleted my account for lent. Now how does this prepare me to celebrate the death and rising of Christ? Well. I don’t know exactly. I will have more time for more important things, I will see how much I don’t “need” it, I will see how much of a coward that I really am when it comes to talking to my friends. Let’s see how I can communicate without it.

Will my prayer life change? Will my attitude towards the internet change? Will anything change? Hard to tell. I hope that somehow, God will use this feeble attempt of… something for… something.


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  1. Dana said,

    the merits of fb aside, God honors your heart. Respond to ALL His promptings with YES and you will never regret it.

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