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There are a lot of thoughts rolling, tumbling, penetrating my mind. Disease. Evil. Justice. Lack of justice. Pain. Fear. Abuse. Anger. Death. My soul screams, “It’s just not right!” My bones ache and groan with the rest of creation. Yearning for something better.

Everywhere I look, I see the results of sin. And as I read, as I think on it all, my baby daughter stirs, so I hold her hand and hush her back to sleep. Oh to feel safe and secure.

And then I realize that I can be safe and secure. I have the freedom to curl up in my Father’s arms and have the security that nothing on Earth can compare to. He has adopted me, I am His child.

I think about the Hope that we have. The Risen Jesus Christ. We are made one with Him, His life and death, but more importantly, his resurrection! He has risen and is living in heaven and that is where we are headed! We have something to be looking forward to. We have a REAL hope for a better life! A life without tears, mourning, pain, darkness, or sword. I dream about the day, and I am trying to live in the light of this reality.

What does that mean? From my understanding, it means living like this is not our home, which means that I don’t need to hold onto the things I have, or to my “happiness”, or even to my own life. I can be more generous with what I have. It also means that I should be more consistent about telling others about the hope that I have – because it is really, really important. And I should be much less concerned about what others think of me. This world, our lives here, are temporary.

And I tell you, living like this is so freeing. (If only I could get my sin-racked self to remember this when I am faced with difficulty.)


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  1. Rich Kenney said,

    We do have a real hope for a better life! Nice post.

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