Some thoughts on a lonely night.

13 April 2012 at 9:37 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

Each day separated from my love makes my heart a little bit heavier. Each night that I can’t hug him. Each evening he can’t read to our little girl.

But each morning, he’s one day closer to being home again.

Today was a rough day. Squishy girl and I went down to the ATL to visit some friends, and she did great on the trip there. But the way back? Three hours of screaming. I don’t regret going to visit them, I needed to get out of this town. But this whole “I hate the car” thing just sucks.

Tomorrow, it will be less than two weeks till I see him again. And then we prepare for the deployment – I will cherish every look, every moment, every touch. Memorize his smell and the way it feels to put my forehead in the nape of his neck, my fingertips across his chest. The warmth of his skin and in his gaze. I will need each memory to get through the next year. I will burn them into my mind and into my heart.



  1. Ellen Barnett said,

    Wow! I didn’t realize Ike was gone – and so close to going for a much longer time. Hopefully today was a better day and Sunday with your church will be even better. i pray that God will help you to feel his presence and love especially right now.

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